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Company Introduction

At RixEngine, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of top-tier SaaS services. Our platform spans multiple domains, such as ad delivery, programmatic advertising, data management, and automated creative monitoring, to name a few. Backed by years of industry insight, we fuse integrated Lakehouse technology and AutoML-based optimization algorithms to deliver cost-effective and reliable business solutions, leading to enhanced efficiency for our clients.

Our expert team, equipped with cutting-edge technology, is committed to delivering high-quality service. Whether your needs are in ad delivery, programmatic advertising, data management, or automated creative monitoring, we offer efficient, trustworthy solutions to help you meet your business objectives.

As an experienced and respected SaaS provider, we prioritize technological innovation and customer experience. We approach every issue with a customer-centric mindset, ensuring practical and effective solutions. If you're in the market for a reliable SaaS provider, look no further than RixEngine.

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower customers by providing them with advanced white-label advertising technology, enabling them to deliver infinite value to their businesses and clients.
Our Team

As a pioneer in China's programmatic advertising sector, the team at RixEngine has spent over a decade mastering overseas advertising technologies and operations. Our deep-rooted expertise and technical proficiency in advertising technology sets us apart. We are dedicated to creating the finest advertising tech solutions, ensuring efficient, secure, and reliable ad delivery and monetization services for advertisers and developers.

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