Reinventing Brand & CustomerMarketing with AI

Empowered by a variety of intelligent technologies and algorithmic models, RixAIGC provides customers with efficient, intelligent, and comprehensive advertising creative solutions.

Why Choose RixAIGC?
AI Background Generator

Expand your creative limits with our AI Background Generation feature. Leveraging advanced Deep Learning techniques, such as Stable Diffusion models, it autonomously crafts high-quality, unique background images. This provides an array of diverse and innovative options that will enhance your advertising output and amplify the impact of your campaigns.

AI Model Studio

Leverage our AI-powered model studio to generate realistic fashion avatars and images based on your text descriptions. Customize your model's appearance, scene setting, attire, and ambiance to your preference to create personalized and high-quality advertising concepts. With this solution, you can not only enhance the efficiency and impact of your ads but also amplify your brand's image.

AI Design Iteration

The AI Design Iteration is an innovative feature that elevates and optimizes existing product designs by harnessing artificial intelligence technology. Through deep learning and machine learning algorithms, it analyzes existing product design elements, as well as user consumption and usage behaviors. This process allows the AI Design Iteration to automatically generate new design materials that not only cater to user needs but also deliver a superb user experience. This feature assists designers in product revamps, sparking inspiration and reducing new product development times. Furthermore, it offers precise redesign suggestions based on big data analysis, aligning products more accurately with market trends and minimizing the cost of trial and error in new product development.

AI Sketch Generator

Our AI Sketch Generator crafts precise product sketches automatically, swiftly interpreting and executing design instructions to create high-quality drafts. Experience not just speed but accuracy too, dramatically enhancing designers' work efficiency. From product design to architectural blueprints, and fashion sketches, this AI Sketch Generator can handle a spectrum of complex tasks. Whether you're innovating new products or improving existing ones, our AI Sketch Generator offers robust support every step of the way.

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