Premium Big Data ModelServices for the Advertising Industry

Enhances advertising and marketing strategies through intelligent, cloud-native private deployment capabilities.

Product Introduction

Harnessing a wealth of machine learning experience and vast industry data, RixEngine puts you, the advertiser or developer, in the driver's seat.

Soon, we'll launch Rix Model as a Service (Rix MaaS)—your personal toolkit for the advertising industry. Built on a decade's worth of customer data, Rix MaaS lets you quickly and accurately create custom big data models. It's your shortcut to implementing large-scale models in the advertising world. Your power, your control, your success - that's the RixEngine promise.

RixModel supports end-to-end MLOps capabilities, including data collection or annotation, model training, model inference optimization, model evaluation, AB test verification, and scalable deployment.

RixModel enables distributed training of diverse large-scale models and supports online machine learning.

During internal testing, RixModel has shown significant improvements in key metrics like CTR (Click-Through Rate) and CV (Conversion Rate), facilitating rapid business growth.

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