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RixEngine has access to a vast amount of traffic resources through partnerships with major platforms and over 1,000 developers. This enables us to effectively address advertisers' needs for quality traffic sources and expand their market reach. Additionally, we work with over 200 DSP vendors and leverage top brand budgets to help our publishers overcome budget constraints and increase revenues.

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Why Choose RixMediation?

At RixMediation, we're dedicated to simplifying your budget and traffic integration needs. Imagine having tailored support for your advertising budget and developer traffic resources, all at your fingertips. Our platform anticipates your needs, offering optimal solutions with a single click, streamlining your resource configuration process.

Leverage our robust partnerships with top-notch media and advertisers, gaining access to an expansive array of ad delivery channels and budget resources. At RixEngine, we're always forging new partnerships to broaden our network, ensuring you're always presented with fresh options.

Why Choose RixMediation?
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